High-End Dishwasher? Never Use a Gel, Tab, or Packet. Here’s Why.

In most locations in the 650-area code water is some of the best in the world (some exceptions) but an Cal water service water is great.

Detergent’s job is to soften water and then eat the food stuff (proteins, fats, starchiness and such). Dishwashers are just that, they wash, if clean dishes (you rinse well) are put in the dishwasher and you put a ton (jell, packets, tablets) of detergent in, guess what happens?

All kinds of stuff like over soaping, not draining due to over soaping, etching on glasses due to over soaping, pitting on flat ware and the best one you are eating the extra soap. Yep, that gets most people…

No more than one tablespoon of powder detergent should be used in any 5-star rated energy efficient dishwasher.