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I look forward to working with you! 

However, first things first –  Astro Appliance Service operates in the 650 area code. There is another company with the same name in Texas. If your appliance is not in the 650 area code then thank you for visiting, but we are not the right company.

Secondly, I don’t sell parts. It comes up once in a while and understandably so. I have access to repair parts – but I don’t sell them.

I have been in this business since 1981 and I have been in more than 190,000 homes. When my website was being modernized I strongly expressed that I didn’t want a form or an email address on the site – I only want to offer a phone number.


I want to talk with each and every person that I am going to do service for first. In my experience, tone, attitude, and relationships are so important when one is entering someone’s home.

For my business style email messages and website forms don’t work. I want to talk to you, assess the situation, and chart the best course forward to provide the best service I can.

So, if you have a high-end appliance in the 650 area code that needs servicing (I don’t do refrigeration) give me a call.

I look forward to providing the best service my 40+ years of experience can provide.

Ok, Quick Checklist Before You Call:

1. The appliance is located in the 650 area code
2. You’re not asking to purchase parts
3. It’s not a refrigeration unit.

3 out of 3? Well then give me a ring and let’s take care of business!